DJ Endorsements:
Allow Jody Lee & crew to advocate for and promote your brands in products in a manner that appeals to your target market audience and beyond. Staff will be out using and/or wearing the items you wish to promote and give listeners their personal testimonies on the items at remotes and on-air. They’ll even be able to see the products in action via video and/or on remotes! DJ’s will give personal insight on the use, look and outcome of the product on air and online creating a buzz and lots of on-air recognition of your business place.

Event Sponsorships:
Gain web and on-air marketing along with location booths set up to showcase you as a vendor during events.

Remote Broadcast:
Let us come to you! We can broadcast from your location, feature your giveaways or special event, drawing customers to your physical store fronts. Perfect for Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, Sales, Renovations, Anniversaries,etc.  Live broadcasts, interviews, special guests, games, refreshments, etc.

Event Broadcasting Sponsorships:
Sponsor the on-air time of an upcoming event. This will give listeners lots opportunity to hear your business and/or product name, while we showcase community events such as livestock shows, rodeos, chamber events, festivals, etc. from all over the world.

Prize Sponsors:
Have your business highlighted in give-aways of single items or customized packages you provide and/or contribute towards the purchase of to be given away live and/or on remotes to help publicize your event, business, or merchandise. Giveaways can be large or small – one-time, weekly, daily, monthly, etc. customized to your needs. Prize ideas and recommendations available. Ticket Giveaways: Sponsor concert tickets, watermarks, animal parks, festivals, events, etc. on air or at a remote bringing customers into your storefront. Music Download or CD giveaways in support of your favorite music artists. Artist Merch giveaways sponsored by your business.

TexasHomeGrownRadio Merchandise Sponsor:
We’re global, why not tag along as we travel broadcasting. Team up with TexasHomeGrownRadio and include your logo along with ours on items to be handed out to people on location at festivals, remotes, parades, concerts and community events. Items such as frisbees, koozies, cups, stickers, hats, bottle openers, bandanas, keychains, shirts, water bottles, etc. The sky is the limit and your marketing reach is too. HomeGrown on a Global Scale.

Show Sponsorships:
Support a TexasHomeGrownRadio show in existence, or have one tailored to your desires. During the sponsored show, your name as the title sponsor will etch into listeners as a retail source & fellow music fan.

Vehicle Sponsorships
Mobile billboard showcasing your business as we travel the TexasHomeGrownRadio market area, which is nationwide! Travel with us and allow us to take you down the road spreading your businesses name, website & whereabouts.

Virtual Marketing

Unlike other radio stations, our website is a vital source for our listeners and has frequent traffic, therefore we can market you in ways other stations can’t as effectively. Have links to your pages, run commercials, utilize HomeGrown social media to extend your territory. HomeGrown customized games and posts along with audio and/or video commercials you can share personally on social media as well as have connected to our site available to listeners in the palm of their hands via smart phones or on their computers with over 12,000 as an audience already. Feature your ads on our site, pages and stream.

News Sponsorship:
Breaking news updates courtesy of your business keeping listeners up to speed on important topics and news coverage online.

Rodeo Update Sponsorships:
Showcase your business as well as provide the essential reports on cowboy & cowgirls in the rodeo circuit.

Facebook Promotions
Banner Ads for App or Website
Stream Video Ads
Twitter Contests
Instagram Contests
SnapChat Contests
Website Banners
Page Sponsors: Weather, Rodeo, World News, HomeGrown Artist Showcases, Songwriter Showcase, Concert Calendar, Community Calendar

Custom theme games related to your businesses. Trivia that connects listeners to products you have and bring them into your locations. Contact us for more details.

On-Air Commercials/ Live Reads 
Got an event, product, or business you want listeners to know about. Come record your own commercial, or let us use our professional voice-overs to create a custom commercial for you!

Custom Jingles:
Need a catchy tune for commercials that is uniform and can be used on other outlets as well as TexasHomeGrownRadio? Contact us.

Marketing Consultations:
Looking to reach a large audience over the airwaves and elsewhere? Allow TexasHomeGrownRadio to provide you a consultation to gain insight and ideas to take your marketing to the next level